Good morning ya’ll!

It sure is looking like it wants to rain here. It needs to so i can stop the sprinkler in the back. I’ve been kinda putting it off for a few days now in anticipation of rain. All the kids are active this morning. I told them you better take advantage of outside before it rains! They keep asking me where the rain is, hahaha…oh its coming hahaha!

This cooler weather is probably a really good opportunity to start getting the fences back up. Its just been way to hot and humid otherwise. Its so hard to do stuff during the summer, I don’t know how these people homestead in the desert places like Arizona and west Texas do it, gosh. When I was younger, I loved the summer. Now I like it cooler.

Oh side note for all the coffee drinkers, the sweet candy store in the plaza where the learning place and superior firearms is in tyler…has amazing coffee beans. Anyway, the girls got their wish of popcorn and a blanket fort with the chairs. Another random thought, I really need to get on the ball of losing this baby weight. I don’t think I’ve lost anything other then 10lbs in nearly 8 months. I need to find someone to hold me accountable lol. After this last box of dr pepper is gone…no more soda besides the occasional treat. Maybe find a good exercise video or app or find some more yard work if I can find the window between when the babies are sleeping.

With all the homesteading things seemingly on hold, with waiting for the grass to grow and being too hot to do much other then feeding and watering the chickens, I’ve been researching about things about bees and cows and rabbits and pigs and gardening. Anything and everything really. We’ve been watching crows, deer, squirrels and rabbits exploring the area. The chickens don’t pay them no attention.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

Good Morning!

Hello everyone! Its looking like its gonna be another beautiful day, although I definitely wouldn’t complain if it wanted to rain for a day. Much of our week has been taking advantage of outside in the morning and playing inside after snacktime, which is after nap. I know this heat just started but lordy, I’m so ready for fall. For the cooler weather and for the next planting season so I can give carrots and radishes another go, hahaha!

Yesterday was a nice day. My older brother and his new wife and her 2 children came to see us. It was a nice visit. We went to play at the splash pad at the park. The girls really enjoyed it but the water was really cold and they were ready to play on the jungle gyms. Amelia ate her first cheeto puff and she thoroughly enjoyed it also.

The back is looking better each day. The grass is growing has much as it can in this heat and I keep the sprinkler on it. Day before yesterday…I emptied out Blue’s food dish. 😦 No sign of that poor cat. I wonder what happened it him, but then again its probably best if we don’t know. This morning I saw a black dog running down the road. The same thing happened to my tinkerbell. My precious kitty.

Oh so, an update on the calf. We still haven’t gotten her. *insert sad face* The dairy farm we are getting her from dropped the ball and forgot to call us when a calf became available, so she sold them all. She said they have 10 more cows that are due to give birth soon. So here goes the waiting game again.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Good Morning!

Its going to be another beautiful (HOT) day. We had an unexpected rain sunday night, it wasn’t much but it gave the plants a nice drink. I’ve still been moving the sprinkler around the back to water the grass seeds. They are growing nicely but still have a long way to go. Standing on the back porch you can see patches of green here and there. We have 2 friends over today, yay someone for charlotte to play with hahaha! I love playing with my girl but…playing Anna, Elsa and Jack gets annoying.

I’m really feeling the homestead energy today. I want to get outside and do stuff but…watching 2 infants makes it next to impossible. Plus it gets soooo hot so quick now. Guess I’ll have to stick with homesteading inside. The humidity doesn’t seem so bad today so I’ll try and make bread again today. Walmart has been out of salted butter for awhile and we are having to use unsalted…if you know me you know i love my salt. Maybe I need so salt now…I can’t seem to shake this dizziness since I woke up.

I was doing to reading about my previous question about how much would you have to grow to have enough food for a year. I read this blog from another woman who attempted this and they came so close at 11 months. She did the math and she guesstimated that you would have to have about 2000 square ft per person. Of course some people eat less then others and children don’t eat has much either so there is no clear solution to this. You have to…well just guess and learn your specific situation and family. We are a family of 5 but Charlotte who is 4 doesn’t eat has much has Kaylee who is 2. Amelia can eat if its prepared as baby food and Jeremy….well if it uses photosynthesis he doesn’t eat it. So basically its just me and 3 small children. Of course i have family i get to grow for to.

Saturday, my youngest brother graduated. *tear* I can’t believe it. I’m just now getting use to my younger brother being married! How am I going to get use to him being graduated and going to college??!! He has come such a long way. He may have had a rough start to life but he is going to come of it the brightest! My little sweetheart. I’m so excited for him.

I hope everyone has a good day today!

P.S. If you are a praying man or woman, say a little pray for a good friend of our’s. He lost his best friend last night.

Good morning!

Good morning from the Wolf Creek Homestead!

This morning is a quiet one. Charlotte was up just as the sun was beginning to light up the world. I know some moms out there don’t like their kids having tablets and what not but Lord they sure come in handy sometimes. I’m such a light sleeper, I felt her staring at me this morning and rolled to see her. “Go get the pink phone. Its in the long table.” And off she goes, hahaha. Kaylee as always been a decent sleeper. Granted we did go through a few months of stubbornness of getting up and down CONSTANTLY. Thank goodness we mad it pass that cause there were times I’d stand in the hallway ready to cry. Its gonna be another sunny day! I’ve been moving the sprinkler around where there is dirt helping the grass seeds to catch. Its doing really well! We found deer tracks in the back, I like to think that a doe is hiding her fawn in the brush in the back….makes me feel better about the state of it.

The lovey blanket I’m making it coming along nicely! I’m excited to see what the finished product will like look. I’ll continue work on it and also work on the laundry. You know it’s time when the hubby is complaining of having no undies, hahaha. The garden needs watering this morning also. I spied a few new cucumbers beginning to grow. The 2 tomato plants have alot of green maters on them. The basil leaves could probably be picked now….before it flowers.

So…yesterday I did some innocent window shopping on craiglist like I do sometimes. Just looking to see what’s out there. I normally browse goats and cows, sometimes pigs or chickens. I found a pregnant milk cow that’s asking price $1050, which I’m told is about normal. Well, about the times Jeremy got home, there was a brand new posting of 2 Holstein Jersey cross heifers that just touch my heart so bad! I had to do some serious work on the hubby but eventually he agreed. Of course, I know we don’t need no 2 cows, we don’t have enough land for that. I called the person and a lady answered (who was a very fast talker) and those 2 babies pictured were sold. *tear* But she said within the week there would be more and that she’d call when a heifer became available. Time to get to work! (I love it!!) and more reading/studying up!

I hope everyone has a beautiful day!!

Good morning!

whew….yesterday was a crazy day. We had alot of friends over! They were all very good but lordy this momma needs a nap, with a new kid needing babysitting my new wake up time is 6. Its a cloudy morning but I don’t think is suppose to rain. Jeremy is having to work more then normal still due to the virus still. They are still getting confirmed cases but not as many as it was. Now all the media is focused on this ridiculous riot crap. Like seriously, how can people be so ignorant. Oh wait, I know why. They don’t have have Jesus in their lives. Last night our hometown had a peaceful vigil at the park. The local downtown businesses closed for precautions. Everything seems to be intensifying. One thing we can focus on in the midst of all the chaos is connecting with our gardens, animals and the land.

This pasted weekend, Jeremy and I came to an agreement that we are for sure going to expand our garden. Since the COVID-19 cases started appearing in North America back in January, there as been a huge interest in gardening and chickens. Hatcheries are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. We decided a few years ago that we wanted chickens after we found some abandoned chickens in our back part of our land. That was the first time we’d ever held a chicken, gosh we must have looked like idiots chasing a chicken! haha! I like to think we got the hang up chickens now.

Now our next skill to fine tune is gardening. Its going to take several years to create our dream back yard, but oh how pretty it’ll be. In the process of that, we will tackle the goats. So, step one is fixing the fences and step two is finding the boar goats to start breeding our own. (I have a nubian milk goat if i can’t have a cow!)

The whole thought of garden thing has me thinking….how much do you need to plant to have enough food for a whole year? There are 3 or 4 (depending where you live) different growing seasons…spring, summer, fall and winter. People don’t think you can grow anything in winter but you defiantly can. Especially where there is mild winters like here. I grew lettuce in a container one year with great success. My curly parsley survived all winter also in a container. If you have access to a greenhouse you’ll have even more success!

Good Morning

Good mornin’! Its an early one at that. Waiting on a few kids that need babysitting today. Last night was rough. Amelia kept fighting her sleep and didn’t go to sleep until 11. Then up again at 2, 4, and 6. Thank goodness she went back to sleep again. The kids are very happy to have more kids to play with. We will definitely be taking advantage of the back yard this morning sometime.

The big news for the homestead is that we FINALLY got the land cleared and fixed! DRUM ROLL, and the giant hole it gone!! I’m so excited to use all the space we now have! They spend 2 days getting it all perfect. They weren’t able to do much in the far back because the tree were too small to do much, they just kept bouncing back up. But the knocked down 2 HUGE pines that had to have been pushing 80 feet plus several more. Including our prettiest cedar tree but it is what it is. We had to relocated the fruit trees we just planted. So far the only trees that made it are the 2 apple trees…both peach and the plum have died. I would have figure the apples trees would have been the first to go. Hope they make it, apples are one of my favorites and i eat at least one a day.

They burned as much as they could and buried the rest. The green house will go closer to the chicken coop with fenced area coming off it to further protect it from the chickens, goats and some deer that have been poking around. We are going for a permaculture layout. There is a few more areas that need cleaning and I’ll plant more flowering plants and bushes and trees that will benefit us and hopefully some bees. I still would love to have a cow but, I think I’ll be happy with a milk goat. But before anymore animals come to the homestead we need to get fences up again. During all the work, we have to take down some fences. But, this is a great opportunity to put them where we want them. I want the main gate to the back at the beginning of the privacy fence so the kids don’t have access to the front yard. I wish we still lived in a time where you could let kids roam the neighborhood, those times are long gone. The kids are not allowed in the front without an adult, 1. sometimes strangers walk down our road that don’t look like that are into good stuff, 2. cars drive stupid fast because we live on a curve of the road that, granted it is fun to go fast on, but is dangerous. We’ve had several accidents in our front yard.

The speckled sussex spent their first week in their new coop. Its sooooo much nicer for them and they are beginning to get a hang of going inside at night but still needing some guidance. Cornstarch, one of our roosters, is going to be the boss already I can still. Though the partridge cochin do bow up to him from time to time. Its funny to watch. They are always looking to see if you brought something for them to eat, I’m about to take the fingernail polish off my fingers and toes!!

This is Babs, our smallest of chicks. She is the only one with baby feather left on her head. She is sweet and will let her pick her up with no fighting.

Our garden is doing great. Expect for the squash. I think the dirt isn’t deep enough for them. Jeremy moved to plants to a different area to see if that helps. The are producing squash but they are so tiny its comical. We got some nice tomatoes, green beans, basil. The cucumbers with making veggies now, I didn’t realize how spikey they were! None of the parsley made it after the chickens dug it up. I feel like i should plant some more…but honestly the tomato plants are just about taken over. But oww boy they have a bunch of tomatoes growing on them.

I’ve been teaching myself to crochet and I’m really enjoying it! My inner old lady has been awaken! I’m making my friend a bunny lovey for her new daughter. Its going to be so cute!

Well, Jeremy was off for a week now I need to play catch up with cleaning and reorganizing. Everyone be safe and wash your hands! Lets not forget to disinfect with all the distractions of riots and protesting.

Wolf Creek Homestead

Good Morning everyone. Here is my weekly check in! This week just seemed to fly by. Crawling into bed last night I was thinking it was Wednesday. A pleasant surprise to find today is Friday. There is a chance of rain today and tomorrow. Next weekend I’m hoping that someone is coming to clear the land for us. I’m so looking forward to it. My greenhouse plastic shipped yesterday.

If you have been following me on facebook, one of my raised beds was darn near destroyed. all the dirt was pushed around and plants were taken up but nothing looked like it was eaten. I couldn’t figure our was it was! I got the gloves out and started trying to salvage the plants. Little while later, I watched a chicken hop in and start scratching. I found my culprit. That was wednesday. Yestersday I spied on those beds all day until i saw a chicken making her way to it. I got the water hose blasted her out of there. I only had to do it once and they stay away. They still are laying their eggs in a bush by the road. Not sure why the sudden change other then the snake that one day that didn’t cause any damage.

The speckled chicks are SOOO eager everyday to get out of their tank. One day I didn’t close the little door and they started flying out of a hole. Much to my surprise, they weren’t trying to get away, they were trying to follow me! It was easy rounding them up. The buff cochin still doesn’t care for me except when i have food in my hand. That just might be the way to her pretty little heart.

Seems like Jeremy’s work schedule is changing alot due to COVID. The hours seem to be getting longer and longer. Its going to be ok though. Praying all this nastiness will be gone soon. I’m still not allowing the girls to go out and we will not until its good and gone. We had a nice visit from Gigi and Uncle Travis yesterday. The girls had a great time using him as a jungle gym.

The sun is coming out again and Amelia is getting tired. I’m going to get her outside and rock her on the swing, she ALWAYS falls asleep swinging outside. Everyone have a beautiful day!

Good Morning everyone!

Its a beautiful cool sunny morning. The girls are wanting to go outside but its little chilly for the baby. Amelia won the battle of the crib last night. She sleeps better in our room and honestly, I sleep better with her in there to. I’m not constantly listening to everything and thinking about getting up up.

Kaylee is being extra loving dovey this morning. She just wants to cuddle mom and hang out wiht me. Once Amelia goes to sleep we will go outside and get our blood flowing. The green beans are nearly ready to be picked. The squash is getting bigger and so is the beets but I have a feeling all the root veggies aren’t going to work out. The radishes still dont have any bulbs and their leaves are big. I guess I’ll pull them up and plant something else.

Happy Mother’s Day

Good Afternoon everyone and happy Mother’s Day! Hopefully all you momma’s got pampered today. Well, what quarantine will allow anyway. Today is just like any other day for me. Which consist of me saying pick up your toys until I’m blue in the face, or share, or don’t hit, or stop running, or the classic is that necessary. This morning the house needed some cleaning of cause I always feel like…whats the point? No one ever actually listens or appreciates it. As soon as it does get neat or cleaned it goes right back back the end of the day.

I guess I’m not really feeling the Happy Mother’s Day vibe today. Millie isn’t taking the crib very well but I know…consistency is key. We’ll get there eventually. By bags under my eyes just got to get a little bigger first.

Yesterday Charlotte didn’t leave the coop door open forcing the chickens to lay their eggs behind the bushes in the front yard. The was 4 eggs and a broken one AND there was an HUUGGEE egg on the front porch. It was broke unfortunately, the shell was very soft. I took it to the kitchen and finished opening it to find a double yolker. So technically we got 6 eggs yesterday from 4 hens. A new record.

We mixed a big 50 gallon trash can nearly to the top with chicken feed. We used oats, black oiled sunflower seeds, whole corn, grit and diametrous earth. It will save us lots in the long run. We got the last of the meat birds processed. Our freezer is full now!

Hope everyone has a great mother’s day.

Good Morning

And just like that, another week goes by. Today looks like rain. We don’t have any friends over today so its been quiet this morning. We had fruit for breakfast and orange juice. Amelia was playing in the floor and she finally rolled from her back to her belly. She growing up! *tear*

Looks like the chick won’t get to play in their make shift yard today. They are getting so big…too big for the tank in my opinion. We recently got 3 chicks to replace the brahmas we lost only to find out the they aren’t brahmas at all. I guess the lady we got them from didn’t know. Or maybe just saw their feathered legs and assumed they were…honestly I would have done the same thing. So now we are owners of 2 patridge cochins and 1 buff cochin. They aren’t as good of egg layer as brahmas but they are still beautiful. We need to get their coop up and running soon. Everytime I take their screen off its like….OH LETS JUMP OUT! Silly babies.

We have 8 chickens left to process. This is taking MUCH longer then I ever thought. We won’t be getting much done today outside. Laundry is caught up, kitchen is clean. The day is full of opportunity today!

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!